Date : 25-05-2018

AABA Pharmaceuticals, Chennai is one of the premium pharmaceutical companies in India that are intensely engaged in the marketing of food supplements, drugs, APIs, pharmaceutical formulation, and quality medicine with an outstanding track record in India. AABA Pharmaceuticals follows a strategy of product development and sustainable growth as a progressive organization. The efforts of the company resulted in the fair customer satisfaction and a distinct individuality in the bulk drugs market. AABA Pharmaceuticals is now a leading pharmaceutical company in India that deals with bulk drugs.

Products of AABA Pharmaceuticals

Bulk drugs are active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) that are used in the drug due to their therapeutic outcomes. AABA Pharmaceuticals manufactures many drugs that are gradually gain popularity in the consumer market due to their effectiveness and reliability. The vast range of bulk drugs in AABA Pharmaceuticals includes

  • GMR-M tablets- for Type 2 diabetes
  • GMR 1SR- for Type 2 diabetes
  • Rosuvap- for high cholesterol
  • Six Five- for relief in pain and fever
  • Pantox 40- for preventing hyperacidity
  • Fivfol- for folic acid intake during pregnancy
  • Starova- for hypertension

AABA Pharmaceuticals also marketing all the essential health supplements at economic cost. Food supplements developed by AABA Pharmaceuticals are Femcure A, Femcure B, Spermcure, D safe, Fernyl, Conerv Plus, and Revolt caps.

Marketing of bulk drugs

AABA Pharmaceuticals is associated with Flower pharmaceuticals and uses latest technology, instruments, and machines to develop bulk drugs. Flower pharmaceuticals have fully automated and high-quality manufacturing unit to develop bulk drugs. Flower & in coordination with Aaba Pharmaceuticals manufactures bulk drugs with high efficiency, strict and high-quality assurance checks and all the products are developed under the constant supervision and monitoring of the all quality processes by Pharma experts. AABA Pharmaceuticals maintains company quality standards to provide superior quality products at economic rate. All food products are approved by FSSAI and as per FSSAI recommendations

AABA Pharmaceuticals, Chennai is committed to delivering finest products for the welfare of the community. The founder of aaba pharma, Dr. Saravanan Lakshmanan and Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan are renowned doctors in Chennai and establish AABA Pharmaceuticals to innovate, discover, develop and manufacture high-class drugs to provide a better quality of life. The High-level technical expertise, experienced staff, best infrastructure, and organization strength have contributed to the success and growth of the company.

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