Date : 28-10-2017

The development that we have had in the last few decades has been astounding. However with that we have managed to create an environment damaged by pollution and a lifestyle that have created a whole new brand of diseases!

While the cases of hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and infertility have seen an unprecedented spike, the need for drugs that are trustable, effective and affordable has become a prerequisite.

Aaba Pharma, the brain child of the renowned doctor couple, Dr. Saravanan Lakshmanan and Dr. Mahalakshmi Saravanan was developed as a solution for the physical and emotional wellbeing of many struggling in the grapples of lifestyle diseases.



Drugs from Aaba Pharma

Drugs have assumed the status of lifesavers now. Here are some of the drugs from Aaba Pharma growing popular for their effectiveness and trustability.

Type 2 diabetes is popularly considered as a by product of our sedentary lifestyle. A combination of Metaformin and Glimperimide tablets, GMR-M is found to be a cost effective drug to bring Type 2 diabetes under control with long term results. They effectively control the spike in cholesterol and blood pressure levels as well without side effects.

  • Six Five – relief from all fever and pain

Six five tablets are equally effective for the elderly as well as children for various conditions like fever, cold, body or joint pain, tooth ache and so on. They offer fast relief without creating issues such as acidity while being low in drug toxicity.

Acidity is common among people today, mainly because of cramped up schedules and the diet involved. With pantoprazole sodium sesquidydrate, proton pump inhibitor, Pantox 40 helps in controlling the acid secretion in stomach quite effectively.

  • Fivfol – remedying deficiencies

Anaemia has assumed the proportions of an epidemic in the recent times. Fivfol is a folic acid 5mg tablet that helps in supplementing folic acid intake if it is not available through diet. Folic acid helps in decreasing the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorders, stroke and so on. They are also ideal for the healthy development of foetus.

  • Starova – watching out for hypertension

Hypertension, the main villain that has stolen many lives needs to be necessarily controlled. Starova 50 mg tablets with losartan potassium helps in enlarging the blood vessels to reduce the pressure and hence prevent elevation in blood pressure.

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