Date : 25-05-2018

AABA Pharmaceuticals, Chennai is one of the premium pharmaceutical companies in India that are intensely engaged in the marketing of food supplements, drugs, APIs, pharmaceutical formulation, and quality medicine with an outstanding track record in India. AABA Pharmaceuticals follows a strategy of product development and sustainable growth as a progressive organization. The efforts of the company resulted in the fair customer satisfaction

Date : 31-12-2017

Life style Diseases  Life Style diseases are the main issue nowadays. They are caused by the way people live their life. There should be a better shield to get protected from these Lifestyle diseases, or else these lifestyle diseases can harm your life badly. Healthy Supplements can help you to have a better lifestyle. Health Supplements have the superpower to prevent many serious health conditions.

Date : 28-10-2017

The development that we have had in the last few decades has been astounding. However with that we have managed to create an environment damaged by pollution and a lifestyle that have created a whole new brand of diseases! While the cases of hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases and infertility have seen an unprecedented spike, the need for drugs that are trustable, effective and affordable has become a prerequisite.

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